Friday Fun at Dave and Busters

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! I just finished my first full week of work and am loving it so far. Last night, my sister and her high school friends were having a get-together at the Dave and Busters that just opened in our hometown. It’s only been open about a month and we had yet to go. My sister is the best because she let the little sister tag along. She is awesome and her friends are great. It isn’t a big deal because we are only 2 years apart and now that we are older that is almost nothing.  Just a warning, this post is going to be half-review of Dave and Busters and half about my night there. I loved it and want to share it with all of your.

We got to Dave and Busters about 7 last night, put in our names for dinner and headed to the bar to grab a drink and catch up with her friends. A great thing about Dave and Busters is that you can play games or chill with a drink while you wait for your table. We chose the drink while waiting to chat before things got crazy in the game room. The wait flew by and the bar had great choices for beer on tap. I got a Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest to start. The beers were reasonably priced for how big they were, I think about 24 oz each. Yum. Our wait flew by and we were seated before we knew it. The waitress was great and attentive to our group of 10. Everyone got the right food, always had a drink and she was nice enough to split our bills exactly how we wanted them. Great service!

I got a black and bleu burger with sweet potatoes and it was absolutely awesome. I was too busy eating to take a picture and it was so good I didn’t want to put it down! It had creamy, sharp blue cheese and onion fries plus caramelized onions. Ugh and the burger itself was cooked perfectly the way I asked. So good. Everyone seemed happy with what they ordered. I know Amanda and I were! After I was stuffed to the brim with my burger and fries, we paid our checks and headed over to the game area.

They have game cards that you purchase, with special deals for different prices. We each got a $20 card to start (it ended up being enough for us for the night) and headed off to find the skee ball! We made it into a competition to see who could get the highest score. I won the first round with 330. Probably not the best but hey I won out of the group!


We frequented the trivia game throughout the night. You won bonus tickets depending on how many people were playing with you. The limit was 6 at a time. I won one round and then came in last for all the rest of them. Maybe trivia isn’t my calling. I think I’ll stick to whack-a-mole. I cannot remember the last time I played this game! It was hilarious and obviously funny to watch. We were laughing so hard. Those darn moles were taunting me!

Dave and Busters has a game for everyone: racing games, shooting games, sports games, mindless ones, active and more. We tried doing as many as we could. One of the games we found was a light up jump rope game. The light went around you and you had to jump when it reached the bottom. I failed and didn’t even make it once; I blame my heels. Amanda rocked it with about 10 jumps before missing and Jenny, one of Amanda’s good high school friends, was in between the two of us.

Sorry about some of the blurry photos. We laughed a lot and my hand becomes unsteady when I laugh. By the end of the night we had a night pile of tickets, or I should say cups because Dave and Busters has cups for all your tickets. We cashed them in onto one of our cards and each got a big coffee mug. A great thing about this is that you can save your leftover money and tickets you don’t spend for the next time you go! Love it.


We spent about 4 hours at Dave and Busters and had an absolute blast. If you have never been, find the one closest to you and make a friend date to go play.

Have you been to a Dave and Busters? What is your favorite game?




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