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The Hills Are Alive.. in Salzburg

On to the next installment of my Germany trip. I have a feeling these are going to take me awhile to write up. My mind just wants to wedding plan but I really want to write down our trip before the memory fades. We started our first full day in Salzburg, Austria. We had planned on doing Bob’s Sound of Music Tour¬†but the Salzburg marathon was on this Sunday and it got cancelled.


Instead we were looking to do a bike tour and on our way stumbled upon Panorama Tours which had a sound of music tour. We decided being able to see way more of the sights would be better than the bike tour which stayed mostly within Salzburg. We were on a coach bus that took us through the country side to some of the main sites of the movie.


We saw the mountain that was always in the background of the show


The Abbey


Some amazing views of cities, countrysides, and mountains

P1010269 P1010272 P1010282

The church in which the wedding took place along with the organ you hear playing the wedding march in the movie.

P1010289 P1010291

The gazebo


And, the lake/back of the house from the movie.


It was quite the experience. There wasn’t as much singing as I had anticipated as all the reviews talked about everyone singing the songs throughout the whole half-day trip. We must have had a quiet group but there was some singing of do-re-mi both the original and a beer drinking version.

After the sound of music tour, we headed up to Hohenburg  Salzburg Fortress. It was quite the hike up a hill/mountain side? It took us about 20 minutes of straight uphill hiking to get to the Fortress.



We spent about 45 minutes wandering the grounds before heading back down to the Stiegl beer garden about halfway down to the main city. We had a beer and soft pretzel. The beer was delicious.. the pretzel on the other hand? Totally stale. We still ate it because we were hungry but definitely not worth buying a second time.


When we finished our beers, we headed back into the city to wander, look at sites/buildings, and try to find somewhere for dinner. We used the Rick Steve’s Germany Book to plan most of our trip and I had written down recommendations for places to eat. unfortunately, it was Sunday and most restaurants were closed. We headed back up the hill to the beer garden for dinner. The dishes we had seen coming out of the kitchen looked pretty tasty. We ordered more beer (a theme of the week, more beer!) and two dishes. The entrees were way better than the pretzel we had eaten. It was hard to believe they came from the same place!



We headed back to our hotel for our last night in the intercontinental before heading out to Hallstatt the next morning.

Whew long one! Still left in the trip are Hallstatt, Reutte/Fussen, Romantic Road, Rothenburg and Munich! Quite the travelling we did.

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