Rained Out

Hello friends,

So, if anyone remembers my weekly workout schedule that I posted last week you know that tonight was yoga. Well sadly a storm came through the area and knocked out the power at my gym. I tried talking the instructor into doing yoga in the dark with tea lights (which is what we usually do) but without power we were not allowed in to the gym. So dad and I turned around and came home. My instructor gave me a few ideas to do at home to make up for the lack of class. After I post this, it’s going to be sun salutation and hip opener time.

Today was an early start for me and a nice long day in the hospital. It felt good to get back into the clinical setting and to put on my white lab coat. I was able to start seeing patients today and I am a little rusty. Hope I get comfortable quickly.

Eats today included a breakfast burrito and banana for breakfast, Sunbutter and jelly sandwich apple and carrots for lunch, and grilled tuna with mango salsa and curry couscous. My mom made dinner and it was delicious. I was too hungry to take a picture before eating because I got home from work late today.

Well, I am off to do some Yoga, can’t let the rain keep me away from my workouts.

Have a good night! I’ll try to make sure to take more pictures since this is a sad post without any!



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