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New Computer, Good Fun

For the past 5 months this little blog has been quiet, not because I forgot about it but because my computer died. It has been rough. Alex would let me borrow his but I didn’t have the freedom of my own computer to load pictures, edit them, and spend the time to write posts. But, my new computer is finally here! I got the Yoga Pro 2. This thing is fancy schmancy. It can fold back on itself to act as a tablet, stand in tent mode, or be a regular computer. It is the same computer as Alex has and I use tent mode in the kitchen all the time. It ah-mazing. It was nice testing out the computer before getting it. Hopefully Alex doesn’t mind too much that I have the same computer as him!

Here is a quick update of things that have happened!

Christmas/Holiday Season. Yay for crown’s in our poppers this year


Mardi Gras in St Louis. So much fun! No pics because I was having too much fun taking pics with my friend Andy’s camera instead of my own

My first Chicago Blackhawks Game!


Went shopping with my favorite girls for bridesmaid dresses!


Played in downtown Chicago with one of my besties, congrats to her on her first big girl job!


Went cake tasting for the wedding! Yumm cake


Also, lots of good food made by me and eaten out. Many hours spent in the gym. I have a 10 miler planned at the end of May with my Dad. It will be his first big race. I’m pretty pumped for him. It’s been too cold to run outside, still in the low 40s, so there have been many miles clocked on the treadmill. I’ve been loving my Nia classes. For those who don’t know what that is-it is a sensory based movement/dance class that uses moves from latin dances, lyrical dance, tai chi, and more. It is great to dance it out once a week. Love it! I’ve been trying to squeeze in more weights and yoga to tone up but I tend to slack in these areas.

That is a lot of random in one go. I have a few recipes I want to share here on burgers n berries. Hopefully those will be coming shortly after this!
What has been new with you since I was last in the blog world?


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