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The Big Build 2013

Happy football Sunday every day. Hope your team(s) did better than mine. I’m hoping the Bears will have a good season but we may need to just consider this year a building year with the new coach. Its rough to watch your team stink it up for three and a half quarters before finding their groove. Just cannot make up for a whole games worth of mistakes in about 4 minutes. I’ll leave it at that.

Yesterday Alex and I had the privilege of helping out at a service event at my hometown church. We attended this event last year and I could not wait to do it again. It is called the Big Build. Over the course of 3 hours, the 10+ teams built a total of 91 walls for a duplex. The house is going to two families in Indiana who are in need of a home.

We started the morning with breakfast and a short prayers service followed by instructions on building headers and lining up wood on walls. Once we were given a pep talk each team headed out to their station and grabbed the wood to the first walls they would be building.


Our team consisted of Alex, my parents, little brother, two men from our church and myself. Last year, I was little to any help because it was so cold and the nails would not go into the wood. With the warmer weather this year, I was able to hammer more! Made me feel more worthwhile this year. One of the rules of the build was no power tools. The leaders wanted us to build it with our own strength and hands. It made it more rewarding that using power tools. Last year I was in charge of writing the bible verses or words of hope or strength on the walls. Here are some views of the teams in progress.






Once all of the walls were built the teams began standing up half of the duplex. Each home had 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom along with adequate closets/storage areas. The other half got loaded up in the truck.

20130928_112712 20130928_115123

Once everything was either loaded or standing we were able to tour the inside and see our work. We had some kids working to add the bible verses or words of love to the walls this year. My mom and I wrote on most of our own walls but the kid’s walls were my favorites.


20130928_120820 20130928_120545 20130928_120539

Can we say too cute for words? My favorite is the bless this tree one! It was a great way to show the love put into these houses. The new owners will likely not see these words added within their walls but will hopefully feel the love, prayers, and fellowship put into the building of their home.  This is one of my favorite community mission events we hold each year. Being able to see the fruits of your labor standing there in the parking lot of your church is amazing.

The house was left standing throughout church today so that the entire congregation could tour and see what their fellow members had built with their own hands. I’m already looking forward to hopefully doing this event next year! I say hopefully because it will likely be the weekend before our wedding and who knows what kind of errands/meetings we will be doing at this time.

What is your favorite mission trip/event that you have been able to experience?

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