Zumbathon Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! It has been a crazy busy week/weekend! I spent most of my Saturday at zumba and making treats for Dance 4 Disney today. I made some gluten-free treats for the bake sale. I’ll be writing a post on the brownies I made later this week.

My Aunt, Uncle and cousin were in from Iowa for the weekend so we all tried to spend as much time as possible together. The times I get to see them are few and far between, usually only holidays. But, we are planning a trip out there soon. So good stuff there!

I want to say a quick thank you to anyone who donated to Dance 4 Disney since I first posted about the event a few weeks ago. Between money from Pay Pal, donations that Bridgett received and the event today over $15,000 were raised to send Micah and his family of 8 to Disney for 10 days! Any money left over after their trip will go towards their huge hospital bills accrued over the past 5 years from his treatments, surgeries and doctors appointments.


That is my only picture from the event. That is Bridgett talking and thanking everyone for coming and starting us off. I meant to take more pictures but got too caught up in the dancing.

The event was amazing. Hundreds of people came and we danced for almost 2 hours straight with only a couple of 5 minutes breaks to grab water or check out raffles. Amanda (my big sister) came with me and about half of my Zumba class from my gym was there. We took over a little corner of the gym and knew most of the songs, the perks of knowing the person throwing an event. Such a blast and so happy enough money was raised so that this family can have a wonderful vacation together one last time.


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