Pinterest Inspired Menu Plan

I’m not sure about all of you but I am a pinterest addict. If I am sitting at home, I’m probably playing on pinterest. I have several different food boards from breakfast ideas to breads to desserts and sweets. The biggest problem with being a pinterest fiend? I have all these great meal ideas that I rarely use. Because of this, I made a goal for myself. Make at least 3 pinterest inspired meals next week.

I usually spend my weekend meal planning and then go shopping on Monday but with working full time I have been finding this difficult. At least the shopping on Monday part. I’ve started going on Sunday afternoons instead. The crowds aren’t terrible and I’m able to stock up on food for the family for the week. Mom comes with me some weeks but I like grocery shopping. I find it therapeutic. Anyone else like this? Let me tell you though. This therapeutic feeling is only at certain stores. My grocery store in St. Louis? Made my blood pressure rise as soon as I stepped in. My Jewel here at home? Blissful calm.

Anyway, here is what my meal plan looked like this week as inspired by pinterest. Some criteria for the meals: include vegetables and protein, low fat when possible, whole grains and plenty of fiber.

Mon: I made Crockpot Greek Chicken over quinoa. Recipe here

20130225_173453Tues: Warm Butternut Squash Salad. Recipe Here


Wed: Out-Chik Fil A after tap

Thurs: Leftovers

Fri: Stewed Spinach, Tomato and Goat Cheese Risotto to which I’ll add some grilled chicken breast to round it out. Recipe here


Sat: Leftovers or Out

Saturday is bowling with my church and we usually go out afterwards but I may go see a friend instead so this meal is up in the air right now.

These three meals from pinterest were pretty tasty. I think my favorite was tonight’s spinach, tomato, goat cheese rice dish. I swapped out white rice and used brown rice. It was delicious but took a little long to make for an after work day. Totally worth the wait.

What recipes have you tried from Pinterest? Any favorites?


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  1. rita b

    THANK YOU! I understand perfectly about certain grocery stores being a respite and others creating stress! I never heard anyone else explain a similar feeling.

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