I Put My New Shoes On

On Sunday I made my first real runner’s purchase. I bought running shoes. Yes, shoes for only running. I went to a store downtown called Universal Sole with my sister. There, I was fitted for my shoes.

To start out my fitting the man (who’s name I’ve forgotten) had me stand and he assessed my posture and my foot positioning. I then stood on one foot only. At this point, he was looking to see how my arches sit when standing. Then I walked down a catwalk of sorts where he looked for weaknesses in my stride.

Then it was the fun part! Trying on shoes. He told me I need a neutral shoe which means tons of choices. I started out with a very basic neutral shoe and ran for a few moments on a treadmill. Once he had seen what he needed, he went into the back store room and brought out a couple different types of shoes and brands. I ended up trying on four other pairs then got stuck between Brooks Ghosts and Saucony Ride 5s. The weirdest part of my fitting was when I wore one of each and ran. Talk about an awkward stride! I ended up buying the Saucony’s because they felt awesome and I was a lot lighter than in the Brooks. Look how awesome they are. The bottoms have some neon because I’m obsessed. 20130228_165147

I finally took these shoes on my first run yesterday. I did a quick 5K on my favorite treadmill at my gym for a tester. I wasn’t sure how many miles you should do the first time in new shoes and didn’t want anything crazy or too short. I think 3 miles is just right. These shoes definitely passed my 5k test. No hip pain, feet felt great, and I felt comfortable. I can’t wait to keep running in these shoes!

Have you ever been fitted by a running specialist or had your gait analyzed? I found it quite fun.



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2 responses to “I Put My New Shoes On

  1. rita b

    …and suddenly everything is right (because of Laura!)

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