Exercising for a Cause

As you know, I love my Zumba classes and teacher. I typically attend at least one, usually two, classes a week  at my gym with my totally awesome teacher Bridgett. Recently, Bridgett told us of an event she is hosting. One of her old students, Micah Steele, was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 6 years old and in her class. He went through numerous rounds of treatment and a couple years ago received his wish from Make a Wish Foundation to go to Disney.

A few weeks ago his family found out the cancer has spread to his hips, pelvic bones, lungs and heart. Because he has already had a wish granted, he cannot receive another one. His wish is to return to Disney with his family one last time. The only problem? His family cannot afford the trip. His mom has not worked since he was diagnosed and there are 8 people in this family. This boy, who is now 11, cannot fulfill his wish to return to his happy place and enjoy one last trip with his family.

Bridgett is throwing a zumbathon on Sunday March 10th. If you are in the Chicagoland area and interested in going or donating or doing something to help this family,  the Zumbathon will be from 2-4 pm on March 10th at Memorial Junior High School. The address is 2721 Ridge Road Lansing, IL. There is a donation request of $20 for entrance. There will be raffles.  Multiple certified Zumba instructors will lead the attendees in fun Zumba songs and dances.

I know its a reach to get strangers or people far away to join in on a Zumbathon in Illinois but if you want to help this little boy’s possibly last dream come true or want to learn more about his story: visit www.dancefordisney.com. At the least, help me spread the word about this young boy and his family. If you have any ideas on how to help, contact Bridgett Anderson Annicks at bridgett.anderson@gmail.com





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2 responses to “Exercising for a Cause

  1. Rita Berry

    Hi Laura- For sure we can help. Thanks for the info and kind thoughts to this family.

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