Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since my last fitness post. My fitness has been pretty standard lately. Lots of treadmill running between 3-6 miles, zumba, tap and a little yoga and weight training thrown around in there too. But, my biggest fitness event the past month has been signing up for the Chicago Half Marathon! I started talking about doing this last September when my little cousin Caitlin ran for the first time. My cousin Sara and Aunt Cathy also ran it. Watching them cross the finish line made me envious. I could do that too. So why shouldn’t I? For my birthday I asked for the entrance fee money which my parents gave me. Best birthday present ever!20130114_094250

Filling out that application form was nerve-wracking. Could I really do this? I have 9  months to build up twice my distance to what I have gone so far. I have researched some training plans through Pinterest. I can do this! So here we go! I will do my best to track my distance and give updates on my training, especially as the race gets closer. I will also do a race recap afterwards to tell you how it went.

Anyone have any good half marathon training plans that I could adapt for my race? I plan on keeping zumba and tap going throughout and plan on trying to keep up with weight training. My Sundays will probably become long run days because I usually have the least going on with Sundays.  Chicago Half here I come!

Have you done a half marathon?


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  1. Exciting! Chicago is a great town to run in. I recommend checking out http://www.runnersworld.com — they have all kinds of training plans for different distances.

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