My Holidays in Pictures

Here is a quick idea of what the holidays looked like for my family and me (and loved ones).

20121222_092023 20121222_104216 20121222_133257 20121222_133546 20121222_133701 20121224_134841 20121225_170408 20121225_173921 20121225_174920 20121229_190614 20121230_121515 20121230_193327 20121231_165419 20121214_18053120121214_181853


1-5. Baking cookies with my siblings. So many cookies! We still have some hanging out around the house.

6. Our Christmas tree with all the presents. It was so pretty this year.

7.  My dinner plate minus the veggies that I had forgotten about when making my plate. Imagine a nice heap of roasted root vegetables there

8.  Christmas poppers with paper crowns are a family tradition

9. “frogger” our new family drinking game. Grandma and I got plastic frogs in our poppers which my aunt immediately turned into a variation of quarters.

10. Family outing downtown for dinner at Bandera (post to come sometime this week) and to see Potted Potter.

11. Diners Drive-ins and Dives lunch and dinner in KC. Pizza with chili, nacho cheese and tator tots at Grinders and Alex’s Dead Texan at Swaggers

12. Alex and I before heading out for New Year’s Eve in Kansas City. This is the only picture I have from the night. It was a lot of fun.

13,14. Zoo lights at Lincoln Park Zoo. This actually happened before Christmas but I never got the post together. 😦


There you have it. My holidays in pictures.


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