Chores, Errands and More

Hello again, I have had a very busy and productive day. Before I tell you about today, let’s catch up with the rest of my week. Tuesday I worked and had Zumba. Work was crazy busy with meetings and an interview with a physician at Loyola. I’ll tell you more about it when I get more information. My poor Zumba instructor is having back pain/problems and had to stop class a little early. We all told her to get better and cancel classes if that is what she needs for her body. I’ll be sad if my life is lacking in Zumba but I want her to get better.

Wednesday, I worked again then headed to tap. It was a killer class. I was struggling trying to remember a couple of the basic steps. The broadway step stopped me up for about 5 minutes. My teacher had to show it to me about 6-7 times before it clicked in my head. I was exhausted when class ended.

Today was filled with errands, chores, Christmas baking/gift making and wrapping. I started my morning off by throwing in a load of laundry. Party time over here! Then I got to work making some Christmas presents for my girlfriends in my hometown. I’ll share them after I’ve given the three of them their presents. Don’t want to spoil the surprise! But, let me tell you that I am very excited to give them their gifts. I had a lot of fun making them today.

Next up was more laundry, laundry, laundry! I still need to fold the last load after I finish writing this. Anyone else ever make the mistake of going weeks upon weeks without doing all of your laundry?? I’m not sure how I made it through I think 3 weeks without doing anything but my darks. Boy did I pay for it today. Feels so nice to have a full closet again. Below picture is only part of load one. The family room has since exploded with clothes and piles.20121213_112825

I took some time today to catch up on wrapping Christmas presents for my family! I had all of my parent’s presents from us children in my closet and I couldn’t close the doors anymore. Definitely time to wrap them and get them out of my room. Both of my parents worked today so it was the perfect day to wrap. Look at that pile of presents! I love gift giving!20121213_12051020121213_132559

I cooked up a Ree Drummond recipe from her cookbook that Alex got me for my birthday. It was my second one so far since I got it last Thursday. I made her Spicy Lemon Shrimp for dinner on Tuesday. No picture of it because I was too excited to eat it to remember to take a picture. Whoops. I made Ree’s Italian Meatball Soup tonight for Adam and I. Delicious! Tasty! I went back for seconds. Yummy and packed with tons of nutrients and veggies. It makes a cauldron full and I’m debating whether to freeze the rest or keep it in the fridge for leftovers for the next week.20121213_173555

On the agenda for tonight is folding the last of my laundry and my reps for the Closeout Workout Challenge. I may add some yoga in there too since I missed Monday’s class.

What have you been eating lately? Anything good?


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