Raw Vegan Restaurant Experience

How is everyone’s Monday going? I have the day off which means cleaning, chores and errands. It also meant I was able to go to my favorite yoga class at my health club today. My arms are still sore from my workout Friday night (and babysitting Saturday night, 3 year olds sure do love airplane) so I struggled a bit with my yogi pushups today. I started my morning off with my closeout workout challenge completing 122 reps today.  Followed by the 1 yr power flow yoga.

I wanted to share with all of you about a restaurant my mom and I went to last Thursday. The name of the restaurant is Raw Vegan Cafe in Lockport, IL. This was my first time doing the raw/vegan experience. I have to say I am more of a fan of the vegan than the raw. But, definitely worth the try.

Mom and I started off our meal with a beetilicious juice. This was made at the organic market next door to the cafe. It included: beets, carrot, apple, orange and ginger. It was refreshing and earthy. I’m thinking I need to try recreating it on my own. 20121129_132939

Next up on our lunch was stuffed mushrooms. These were mushrooms with a pumpkin seed pesto. It was very garlicky and interesting. Pretty tasty.


For my entree i got the rawfredo: cucumber noodles with raw cashew cream alfredo and marinated mushrooms. Mom got the red lettuce wraps with spinach, carrots, cucumber and the pumpkin seed pesto. Mom’s also came with two salads: one mixed spring mix and orange vinaigrette and the other a apple/fruit salad with cinnamon cashew cream. The fruit salad was my favorite thing of the entire meal. So so so so good. Next time, I’m getting an entree that comes with that salad!



I only ate about 1/3 of my “pasta” because it was really filling and a huge portion. I wish we had enough room for dessert in our stomachs because they had some kind of apple dish that sounded really good but I was stuffed. It was a wonderful veggie-filled meal. If you haven’t tried a vegan/raw restaurant yet, do it! It’s definitely a fun experience.


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