My Day in Eats

I mentioned how I joined in on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge , I’ve also joined in on the Fitnessista’s Dine in December Challenge. I love these challenges because they both are something I am passionate about: food and fitness! For the Dine in December the goal is to eat in as many days as possible during the month of December instead of letting the holidays get the best of us and eating out for every meal. I thought it might be fun to show you what a day of eating looks like for me.

Breakfast started out as a waffle with cream cheese and chia seeds plus 2 cutie tangerines. I, also, had my chocolate from my advent calendar. It was a little sad looking. Good thing I went grocery shopping today!


After yoga I had a chia energy square from an organic market. It was ok, not my favorite thing ever. I’ll eat more because we have a bag of them and I hate wasting food.


Lunch was a honey ham and italian cheese sandwich on a Seeduction roll with mini bell peppers and an apple.20121203_124708

For dinner, I was supposed to make a skirt steak with roasted carrots and parsnips but my skirt steak was bad. Instead I adapted the original recipe to chicken breasts and made a gravy to put over the chicken and veggies. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow for anyone that is interested. It ended up being really good. Got two thumbs up from Dad.


Unpictured eats include my advent calendar chocolate and some chocolate fudge that Alex brought my family over Thankgiving. Good thing its almost gone because it tastes soo good and I cannot say no to a little bite each night after dinner.

What did you eat today?


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  1. ACB

    I suggest using non-organic JIF peanut butter on your waffles, you can never get enough protein.

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