Eggs and Dumplings

Everyone finish off their Thanksgiving leftovers? Ours are long gone. I really only made two things with my leftovers instead of eating them as they were. The first were eggs and dumplings. A family favorite. The other was Sing for Your Supper’s Mexican Quinoa with Chicken. The only change I made to it was I used our leftover turkey. It was awesome. Definitely suggest giving it a try sometime. 

Now back to the eggs and dumplings. This is one of those indulgent meals. It involves lots of butter, basically bread and eggs. I then smother it in ketchup. This breakfast is one of those after Thanksgiving meals that I look forward to because we do not do it often. Only when we have leftover dumplings after a holiday.

First take your dumplings and cut them into cubes, I use about 2 dumplings per person. Then add about 2 Tbsp of butter into a medium-large skillet pan. It has to fit your dumplings and eggs in it with room to stir it around and the dumplings to lay fat to get brown and crispy. Okay, once the butter starts to bubble, add in the dumplings and stir to coat with the butter. Let it sit for a few minutes before stirring. You want a golden crust on the sides. I try to crisp up at least 3 of the sides. Then crack your eggs in a separate bowl, 2 eggs per person. Whisk with fork, whisk whatever. Just scramble them up. Add them to your dumplings. Season with salt and pepper. We sometimes add caraway seed to ours but my sister isn’t a huge fan and therefore it was left out. Cook until the eggs are scrambled and cooked to your liking. Take some on a plate, smother it with ketchup or don’t that’s your call, and enjoy the delicious buttery taste.

Hopefully soon I will get some creative juices back into my cooking brain and bring you some healthier recipes! Do you use your leftovers in breakfast?


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