Sorry I went MIA for almost a week! We hosted Thanksgiving at my house and the week was filled with work, cleaning and meal prep. I’ll be posting one of the recipes tomorrow or Sunday for my great grandmother’s dumplings. But today, I want to share with you some of the pictures from yesterday.

The day started with waking up early and starting the turkey. Alex, Adam and I were in charge of making the stuffing while mom prepped the turkey and Amanda made a pie. We, also, made our crescent rolls in the morning before the oven got filled with other tasty goodness.  Once the rolls came out, we stuffed our turkey, rubbed the skin with some butter and sprinkled it with salt, pepper, garlic powder and caraway seed. The turkey was then tented in foil and into the oven it went.

After the turkey was in, Alex and I changed for a quick run around the neighborhood. I wish we would have done a turkey trot but the plan had been to get to church after putting the turkey in. That ended up being cancelled because of logistics of getting 6 people showered and ready for church along with prepping other dishes and getting the turkey into the oven. We ended up doing about 3 miles.

Family started coming over around 2 and we had some appetizers while drinking wine and catching up with family members. Once the turkey came out we let it rest while the brussel sprouts roasted. Before we knew it, the turkey was carved and the rest of our sides were put out. In all we had: turkey, stuffing, sauerkraut, gravy, dumplings, broccoli casserole, mashed rutabagas, mashed sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, crescent rolls and cranberry sauce. It was quite the spread.


After dinner we set out the dessert, we had cheesecake, chocolate cake and whipped pumpkin pie. I had some of the pie and cheesecake. I finished dinner and dessert feeling extremely stuffed. I have to say I love thanksgiving. It’s possibly my favorite holiday. One for all the good food and two for my family that I get to spend it with.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?


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  1. rita b

    The dinner looks fabulous! Can this same menu be adapted for 1042014? Miss you! Love you!

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