This Weeks Workouts

Hey all,

I figured I would give you a quick preview of my week in workouts this week.

Today Alex and I went on an almost 3 mi run (the trail was 1.48 mi and we did two loops) with a quick little session of sit-ups, planks and a few goofy squats. When we got back we gave the puppies a nice half hour walk. Its great. The pups start the walk by “walking” themselves while holding their leashes in the mouths. So cute how excited they are to go on walks. The tan one is Leo, the black/gray one is Scott. Such good puppies and I miss them dearly when I am not in KC.

For the rest of the week here is my plan:
Monday-Off or maybe a short run/weights

Tuesday: Zumba! Sadly my usual teacher will be away for the night but Im hoping our sub is good.

Wednesday: Tap

Thursday: Yoga. I’m in need of a good stretch and restorative session

Friday: Arms/Abs + walk/run warmup/cooldown. I like to sandwich my sessions with a ten min walk/run. Usually run the warm up and walk the cooldown.

Saturday: Back to Zumba again

Well there it is. My week’s workout lineup

What’s your week look like in workouts?


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  1. rita b

    The puppies love and miss you, Laura, and so do we!

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