Meeting Ree Drummond

Last week I was reading the blogs I follow on my phone when I saw something exciting. Ree Drummond was going to be in Kansas City the same weekend as I was visiting Alex doing a book signing. She is the first blog I started following regularly and I totally geeked out. I frantically texted Alex begging him to take me to see her. I literally freaked out for about 20 minutes before calming down. She was in town promoting her new Charlie kid’s book. This was the chance to meet the Pioneer Woman!! Total fan girl moment.


On Saturday afternoon I joined hundred of other people to get the chance to meet Ree and get an signed copy of the new book. You were allowed to bring your cookbooks or other Charlie book to get it signed. I sadly don’t have one 😦 I usually just use her blog for recipes.  But, along with your ticket to get your signed books you received the newest Charlie book: Christmas Kitty. Ree opened the book signing by talking a little about who she is and how she got to where she is now.  They called up tickets by 50s. I was number 355 so I had quite the wait in store. I chatted away with a couple of other Ree lovers.

By the time my group was finally called to line up, I started getting nervous. I was worried I wasn’t even going to be able to speak because I was worried I would either cry or pass out! She was sooo nice. Even though she had been signing books and taking pictures for 4 hours already she greeted me with a smile. I nervously told her the name to write in my book and we smiled at the camera. Ree even told me I had pretty eyes. I was completely starstruck! I found my voice and chatted a little bit about blogging. Those 3ish minutes were the best! Totally worth the wait! I have now met one of my blog heroes.

Have you ever met someone you considered a hero? How did you act?



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