A German Affare

Hello blogworld. Sorry I went MIA for so long. It has been harder to adjust to working and keeping up with my exercise and fun. It’s been difficult but worth every minute that I can help out a patient. Anyway, I am in Kansas City for the weekend visiting my boyfriend and his family. Yesterday, Alex and I took the dogs for a nice walk then I came home and did about a half hour on the exercise bike to get in some exercise for the day. It felt good to bike, it isn’t something I do regularly and left my legs feeling very sore. Love that feeling.

Last night we went out to the restaurant Affare. It is a modern German restaurant and it was delicious.

The menu is separated into 4 courses: Garden, Seafood, Meat, and Dessert. The plates are generous “small” servings and they encourage sharing, especially if you are in a group. There were 5 of us and we decided to go the sharing route. It reminded me a bit of a German tapas experience though the portions are larger than a tapas restaurant. We each picked out a German beer, I got the Hofbrau. It was a little bitter but in a good way.


We pondered the menu while waiting for our beers and decided to start with three garden plates: German ravioli, beet salad and Pretzelknödel which is  a pretzel dumpling. Affare also gives you pretzel sticks and olives to start your meal. The beet salad was my favorite of this course. It had edible flowers and had candied pecans. What a treat!

We then ordered 5 seafood/meat plates to try. We had seared scallop, almond crusted trout, a variety of seafood on lemon risotto, beef roulade and another beef dish that I cannot remember. All of them were delicious except the beef roulade. It was a little dry and could have used more of a sauce or something. My favorite was the shrimp with lemon risotto. That lemon risotto was oh my gawd delicious. I kept going back for more after I finished what I took the first pass around the table. Mmm so good. I may have to try to reproduce that dish sometime.


At this point we took a break from eating to take some pictures of the people, not just the food. Our friend Pat joined Alex’s family and me for dinner. It was great to catch up with him and later last night we went out in Waldo for a couple drinks. Its always nice to see a friend who lives far away.

At this point, I was pretty full from the above 8 dishes but we couldn’t say no to some dessert. We ordered three dishes: German chocolate cake, peach tart and apple strudel. I am not a huge German chocolate cake fan but this one was pretty tasty. The star of the dessert round was the peach tart. It tasted like it had an almond crust. I wish there was a little more peach part but overall it was delicious.

Yum. I left the restaurant absolutely stuffed with all of the delicious food. If you are ever in Kansas City and looking for a unique dinner setting this would be it. The dishes themselves were beautiful. I wish I had captured the dishes before we dug into them because the presentation was wonderful. This was good food with good people.

Well I am off to play with Alex’s puppies and watch some football coverage with Alex. Have a wonderful Saturday.

Have you ever been to KC? What’s your favorite restaurant there?



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