Friday Fun

Yesterday was a fun filled day for me. I got up early and ran 6 miles. I am slowly trying to increase my distance and this was a new PDR for me. I was pretty excited and proceeded to tell everyone I could about it. I was going to follow my run up with some weights but I was worried about running late to meet up with friends.

I went with two of my best girlfriends (Kathy and Angela) to see Pitch Perfect out in Naperville. It was hilarious! If you like singing movies and comedies then you should go see this movie. There were only about 8 people (including the three of us) in the theater but we all spent the movie laughing hysterically. I think I might even go see it again with my mom and sister. It was that good.

After the movie we decided to grab some lunch at Go Roma across the street. I got a tomato mozzarella panini with french fries. The fries were thin and crunchy, just the way I like them. The panini was pretty good and served on a delicious wheat bread with lots of seeds. I was a fan. I ate about half of the food and took the rest home. But, I forgot it was in my car and found it this morning sitting in the backseat of my car. I hate wasting food, especially leftovers but oh well.

Once we finished lunch, Kathy had a hair appointment and had to leave with the promise to meet up again later in the evening to go out for dinner and carve pumpkins afterwards. Angela and I decided to go to her apartment to brainstorm pumpkin carvings and so I could meet her dog Zola. Oh my am I in love with this dog! She is freaking cute. Poor baby has cherry eye and is getting it removed today but she is a happy puppy. Just look at that face! Ugh love it.

Anyways, Angela and I spent some time on Pinterest trying to find pumpkin ideas. Then, we found these adorable little paper pumpkins. That was it, there went the rest of our afternoon. We dragged out all of Angela’s glitter, rhinestones, scrapbook paper, glue and scissors and set up shop at her kitchen table. We had so much fun picking different patterns of paper and putting them together. I made four which are sitting in my family room adding to the fall decorations.


The final event of my busy Friday evening was dinner. Kathy and her husband Tim joined up with Angela, me and Alex (Angela’s boyfriend) for dinner. We went to Aurelio’s, a pizza place. We ended up getting a stuffed pizza with sausage over the entire thing then half spinach and half olive. I had a small slice of olive and sausage. It was delicious.

We ended up not carving pumpkins as planned, called it a semi-early night and all headed home. It was a great friend and fun-filled Friday.

What did you do on your Friday night?


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