My Life in Exercise

Hello again. So I mentioned that this will be a blog about finding my balance between food, fitness and fun. Today I am focusing on the exercise portion of the blog. I should mention that as a recent graduate from college I’m a little low on cash and my parents, being the wonderful people they are, let me live back at home. While I job searched and waited for my license for Illinois to come through, I had a lot of time to focus on my fitness. I am hoping that as I start work I am able to keep up my exercise as it is now. A perk of living at home, other than cooking on mom and dad’s food budget, is having access to our fitness club that we have been members at since 1999! They have a wide variety of fitness classes every day of the week. They also have plenty of cardio machines for me to utilize along with two weight rooms, one of which is for women only! No grunting men to freak me out and keep me from doing my own workouts.

Anyways current my fitness schedule looks like this:

Monday- Flow Yoga at 11:25. This is the one class I am sure I will have to drop due to work because it is in the morning and I will be working. Super sad about stopping this class, but I know I won’t be working every Monday and will fit it in when I can.

Tuesday- Zumba! This is my favorite right now. My instructor is amazing and has so much energy. There are about 8 regulars. It’s so great to have a constant in life and this group class is mine. Love love love it.

Wednesday- Tap! This is my fun and different class. I am in an intermediate/advanced class at my dance studio. I used to take the advanced class at this studio back in high school but my skill and technique slipped in my 5 years off. My sister takes this class with me and makes it so much better because all the rest of the girls in the class are at least 8 years younger than me! My teacher, Jay, loves to point out how old we are. Don’t worry we don’t mind too much because it’s Jay and he is the BEST tap teacher out there. Seriously, I would not have restarted tap if Jay wasn’t still there teaching.

Thursday- I consider Thursday my active rest days. I do a mile warm-up then take a 1 hour restorative yoga class. It is a great grounding experience that helps me settle down from me week and gives me some well “me” time.

Fridays- I usually use Fridays as a running day. This will probably change some due to work and may turn into strength days with either a body pump/power class or weight day.

Saturday- Another Zumba class! I don’t always make this one like I do with my Tuesday class but it’s the same teacher. She just recently took over this class so its relatively new to my schedule. It’s fun to get this awesome type of exercise in twice a week.

Sundays-Off or a short run. This really depends on how I am feeling. Some Sundays I just want to sit and watch my Bears play while other Sundays I just need to run and move around.

There it is. My week in fitness. I try to get a variety of different types in and am hoping to add a spin class in one of the days. Switching it up is important for me because I can get bored doing the same routine over and over. But, right now I am happy with what I do. Also, sorry for the lack of photos. I tend to not bring my phone with me to my gym and therefore don’t have many pictures. Something I can work on.

Whats your typical week look like for fitness? Do you have a schedule filled with classes or are you more of a work alone kind of person?


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